Singapore Stock Market

Singapore Stock Exchange

Singapore plays an indispensable role in the financial markets of the Asia pacific region. Singapore Stock Exchange (or SGX), the main local market operator, provides different types of securities and derivatives trading and transaction services.

The Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) merged with the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX) in December 1999, to form SGX. SGX was listed on the local stock market in November 2000 and it was the second listed exchange in the Asia pacific region at that time.

Singapore economy is highly trade dependent, there is diversity of international assets and revenue for Singapore stocks. In addition, high dividend yield is one of its key features, its yield in 2015Q3 was 4.3%, much higher than Asia region's average 2.5%, Hong Kong's HSI and Taiwan's TAIEX of 4.1%. Finally, the volatility of Singapore's stock market is relatively low.


SGX securities are trading in three markets: Main Board, Catalist and Global Quote. The average daily turnover in the first nine months of 2015 was about SGD 1.2 Bn*.

Main Board is the major market, famous local companies are CapitaLand (CPL.SG) and DBS Group (DBS.SG). Catalist, similar to the Hong Kong GEM in nature, was established in December 7, 2007, mainly based on the UK AIM market model, specifically for local and international growth companies. SGX-authorized sponsors directly supervise Catalist counters under SGX rules, examples of the counters are Duty Free International Limited (DFIL.SG) and Renewable Energy Asia Group Ltd (REA.SG). Global Quote is a market launched by SGX in collaboration with NASDAQ OMX Group on October 22, 2010. It enables investors to trade ADRs of Asian companies during Asian trading hours, such as Ctrip, China Mobile and Honda.

Singapore Stock Online Trading Platform

Phillip provides online real-time quotes(upon subscription to our data vendor, CyberQuote (HK) Limited, click here for details or contact our customer service officer at +852 2277 6555) and transaction services for the shares listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Combining the transactions and the real-time quotes into one layout, you could carry out stock quoting and trading at the same time.Alternatively, you can visit SGX's website for delayed price quote, but please be aware that SGX's Trading Code is DIFFERENT from our Stock Code.

The functions of the trading platform include:
  • Direct-market access order routing without manual process. Fast & real time order update. Under special circumstances, it is not applicable to a few counters.
  • Showing up to 10 stock quotes in one layout
  • Setting up to 5 personal price quote portfolio
  • Providing default thematic price quote lists
  • Displaying the process of transactions
  • Showing positions and account balances
  • Margin Ratio Query - Easily find out the margin ratio of a particular foreign securities online
  • Stock Screen - Screening out securities with investment value by putting your research criteria
  • Stock Analytics - Providing company information, basic financial summary, technical analysis and company related news
  • Charting : technical analysis covering securities of several markets
  • Stock Analytics: One page comprising i) basic stock information; ii) business and financial summary; iii) technical analysis; vi) summarized financial statement; v) peer comparison; vi) recommendation; vii) related news and etc.

Account Opening Procedures

Please click here for account open details.

Board lot

Board lot size of most counters is 100 shares, please call foreign stock dealing hotline at +852 2277 6678 to place order and check order status. Please note that order brokerage and fee consolidation is NOT available for online board lot and odd lot orders because odd lot order is man-assisted.

Price spread and input limit

Counter (excluding HKD-and JPY-denominated securities, preference shares, structured warrants, exchange traded funds and exchange traded notes, exchange traded funds and exchange traded notes), the price spread table

Price Range (SGD)Price Spread
< 0.20 0.001 SGD
>=0.20, < 1.00(effective from 13 November 2017)
>=0.20, < 2.00(before the date)
0.005 SGD
>=1.00(effective from 13 November 2017)
>=2.00(before the date)
0.010 SGD

Input price limit is the nominal price +/- 30 price spreads (effective from 13 November 2017, +/-20 price spreads before that date)For Debentures, bonds, loan stocks and preference shares quoted in the $100 price convention, the forced order range is +/- 1,000 bids.

SGX Code "SingID" vs Phillip's Stock Code

SGX assigns a designated stock code “SingID” to each counter, for instance, C31 for CapitaLand Limited. It is different from Phillip’s stock code and Bloomberg ticker, respectively, CPL.SG and CAPL SP.

How to search Phillip’s stock code for order input with SGX’s SingID

Click Here > Click the current date > Press on new page > Input SingID > Copy the short name to the right of the SingID > Click “Search Company” on the Phillip’s trading platform > Paste the short name in the Stock Name cell > Press


Please click here for commission details.

Depository Information

Please click here for depository steps and related depository bank account information.

Stock for Margin Financing

We offer margin financing services.For details, kindly please contact Foreign Stock by calling (852) 2277 6678 or email or contact your Account Executive(s).

Stock Margin Financing Ratio Inquiry

ETF, REIT & Business Trust


Exchange-Traded Fund “ETF”, Real Estate Investment Trust “REIT” and Business Trust “BT” are the SGX’s popular securities among international investors. What is ETF? Needless to say more. The number of ETFs listed on SGX is about 90, 3 counters with relatively high turnover are iShare MSCI India Index (SGD-denominated: ISMIA.SG, USD-denominated: ISMI.SG), SPDR Strait Times Index (STIS.SG) and iShare Asia High Yield bond (SGD-denominated: ISAHYA.SG, USD-denominated: ISAHY.SG). For detail on ETFs, please Click Here  to SGX’s ETF pages.


Real Estate Investment Trust "REIT" is a collective investment schemes, primarily investing in income-generating real estate properties in Singapore and/or overseas, such as shopping malls, offices, hotels and service apartments, with an aim to provide investors with stable income. All or the majority of a REIT's net income after tax is paid to investors in the form of dividends at regular intervals. As pursuant to prevailing regulations of Monetary Authority of Singapore, a REIT may also invest in listed or unlisted debt securities and listed shares of or issued by local or foreign non-property companies, securities issued on behalf of the Singapore government or foreign governments or by a supranational agency or by a Singapore statutory board, or cash and cash equivalent items. The majority of a REIT’s assets must, however, be made up of real estate or real estate-related assets. Moreover, investors are reminded that a REIT's available distribution amount is adjusted by profit / loss realized in revaluation or sale of its real estate projects. In addition to REIT, there are two alternatives in real-estate related vehicles - Property Trusts and Stapled Trusts, the later is a hybrid of REIT and Property Trust. For detail and the list of REITs, please Click Here to SGX's REIT pages. 3 Popular REITs with relatively huge turnover are ASCENDAS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST (ARE.SG), CAPITALAND MALL TRUST (CTM.SG), CAPITALAND COMMERCIAL TRUST (CCT.SG).


Business Trust "BT" fits for corporations with stable business and growing cash flow, such as infrastructure, utility, shipping and transportation vehicle leasing. The advantage is that investors have direct exposure to cash flow-generating assets, securitizing huge-capital assets into liquid and affordable units. Business Trust has an attribute of generally higher payout ratio and complies with Trustee-Manager accord while considering acquisition of assets. Trustee and manager takes active approach to increase rate of return through business expansion and asset acquisition, their incentives generally are aligned with the interest of unit holders. The key risk of investing in BT is on its asset holding and investment focus, for example, future distribution does not match expectation and unstable condition of its business geography. Three BTs with relatively good turnover are HUTCHISON PORT HOLDINGS TRUST (SGD-denominated: HPHSG.SG, USD-denominated: HPH.SG)、KEPPEL INFRASTRUCTURE TRUST (CSIT.SG)、ASIAN PAY TELEVISION TRUST (APTT.SG).

Straits Times Index ( STI )

a benchmark index for the Singapore stock market, is capitalization-weighted tracking the performance of the top 30 companies listed on the SGX. Its importance is analogous to Hong Kong's Heng Sang index. Its constituent stocks, which cover 14 different sectors and have 55% international revenue, include:

Part of the Straits Times Index constituent stocks

DBS Group

In terms of assets, DBS Group is the largest financial institution in Singapore. Its core businesses include consumer lending, corporate finance, investment and capital market activities. It holds an important position in Singapore's financial market and in recent years, it has expanded aggressively outside its home market. At the moment, it has overseas subsidiaries in Mainland China, Indonesia and Hong Kong


Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the main civil aviation operator in Singapore. It is also one of the highest profit-making aviation operators in Southeast Asia. Since 1972, it has expanded its business, from being a small local operator to an international operator. It flies to 80 destinations, which involve over 40 countries.


Singapore Telecommunications

Singapore Telecommunications has been operating in Singapore for over 120 years. Since it was listed in 1993, it has been continuously increasing its presence in both local and overseas markets. Currently, 65% of its income is coming from overseas. In 2001, it acquired Optus, the second largest communications provider in Australia, and in 2003, it divested its postal operation - Singapore Post – to be listed in SGX.


Singapore Press Holdings

Singapore Press Holdings holds some of the Singapore’s best-selling and popular local newspapers and magazines, such as Straits Times and The Business Times.


Jardine Matheson

Jardine Matheson is a diversified business Group in the Asia Pacific region. Its core businesses include retailing, trading, property investment, insurance and hotel. It holds subsidiaries such as Jardine Pacific, Jardine Motors, Jardine Strategic, Mandarin Oriental, Dairy Farm, Hongkong Land, and Jardine Cycle & Carriage.


Note: All information of SGX and listed companies is in English. The links below are some of SGX's, please Click Here to its website.

Stock Information
Watch list - Stock
Watch list - (REITs)
Watch list - (ETFs)
Sector Summary
Stock(s) triggering circuit breaker
Heatmap (Industry & Companies)
Equity Indices Analysis and Charts
After-close Summary
Monthly Market Statistics Report
Stock price download over the past 20 trading days
Short sale data (Phillip HK does not provide SG stock lending / short sale services)
Listed Company Disclosure
Company Announcements
Annual / Financial Reports
Corporate Information
Corporate Action
Meeting Schedules
ISIN and SingID Check
Investor Education
Trading & Settlement
Public Holidays
SGX - Market Regulator
SGX's Rule Books
SGX Academy (free/paid, online/classroom courses, from beginner to professional)
Multi-function Stock Screener - StockFacts
  • Search with stock name or its SingID for a specific counter; or
  • Use "Search by Screener" - shortlisting counters with 5 out of 27 criteria in Market Data, Financials, Valuation and Industry views; or
  • Use "Search by Alpha Factors" - shortlisting counters with 5 degrees in 8 S&P Capital IQ Alpha factors; or
  • "View All Companies" - list all counters.


In the shortlisted result, you can

  • [Select Sector] - Further narrow the result by single sector; and
  • [Customize Display] - Select up to 4 fields from Market Data, Financials and Valuation.
  • Click Company Name to its information page.

Joining Phillip’s Share Mortgage Scheme, customer can purchase stocks from a designated stock list at market price by just deposit 30% of the value of the intended stock (minimum HK$30,000). The remaining 70% of the investment amount will be financed by Phillip.

For the details of Share Mortgage Scheme, click here

For margin ratio of each stock, click here

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