Interest rate and the interest calculation in Grade-Based Margin financing is based on the stock ranking. There are 3 layers of outstanding based on stock quality and margin value* in Grade-Based Margin financing.

Higher proportion of blue chips in securities portfolio , lower interest rate it is. It is as low as 2.75% ! The calculation of interest rate is as follows:


Footnote 1: The above grade-based interest rate will be based on the effective rate which is subject to the latest Hong Kong Dollar Prime (P) rate of Standard Chartered Bank.

Footnote 2: The flat interest rate for non grade-based margin account is P(HKD Prime rate of Standard Chartered Bank) + 3%.

*The margin ratio of stock is for reference only, which is subjected to change as determined by both the market and specific company factor. The company deserves the right to provide a different ratio to client based on his account situation.

Clients must submit supporting documentation to the Company to confirm that the depository payment is from his/her own bank account. Acceptable documentation include, but is not limited to, bank statements, cheque images, and online banking screenshots. The deposit will be credited to the Client account on the day that supporting documentation is provided. Until the supporting documentation is submitted, the deposit will not be treated as “credited”. The daily cut-off time for collecting the supporting documentation is 4:00 p.m., any supporting documentation received after 4:00 p.m. will be deemed to be received on next working day. Clients will be liable for any relevant interest, commission, fines and other charges incurred as a result of not being  "credited".

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