Overseas REIT for Fixed Income

Oversdeas REIT for Fixed Income


Why chose Singapore listed REIT?

  • Diversified Investment Region and Investment Risk
  • Investment themes and sectors include Retails, Commercials, Logistics, Data Centre, etc.
  • Managed by Professionals
  • Lower Threshold
  • Comparatively Attractive Dividend Yield
  • No Stamp Duty and no Dividend Tax

Summary of REIT listed in Singapore Stofck Market(SGX)*

* Ranked by the top three REIT according to their dividend yields in 2018. The information provided via hyperlink is for your reference only. The company has no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of the website, either expressed or implied, contained in this document.

Available SG REIT in POEMS  

SectorName中文名稱SGX CodePOEMS CodeDividend Yield in 2018Margin Ratio
  Hutchsison Port Holdings Trust 和記港口 NS8U HPH.SG 13.74% 0.6
Industrial EC World REIT 運通網城信託 BWCU ECWRE.SG 8.26% 0.5
  Cache Log Trust   K2LU CLT.SG 8.16% 0.4
  Frasers Hospitality Trust 星獅酒店信託 ACV FHT.SG 6.66% 0.5
Hotel & Resort OUE Hospitality Trust 華聯酒店信託 SK7 OHT.SG   6.64% 0.5
  Far East Hospitality Trust 遠東酒店信託 Q5T FEHT.SG 5.84% 0.4
Retail Lippo Malls Indo Retail Trust 力寶印尼零售信託 D5IU LMT.SG 11.29% 0.5
  BHG Retail Reit 北京華聯商業信託 BMGU BHGR.SG 7.81% 0.2
  SPHREIT 報業控股房地產信託 SK6U SPHS.SG 7.60% 0.5
  Frasers Com Trust 星獅商業信託 ND8U FRCT.SG 8.36% 0.6
Office OUE Com REIT 華聯信用不動產信託 TS0U OUECR.SG 7.43% 0.5
  IREIT Global IREIT全球信託 UD1U IREIT.SG 5.89% 0.4
  Religare Healthcare Trust 瑞合醫療保健信託 RF1U RHT.SG 388.42% 0.0
Health Care First Real Estate Inv. Trust 先峰醫療產業信託 AW9U FRET.SG 7.68% 0.4
  Parkwaylife REIT 百唯生命信託 C2PU PLRE.SG 4.24% 0.5



# https://sginvestors.io/sgx/reit-listing/sector/retail-reits

^ https://www.dividends.sg/view



30% HKD Deposit for Share Mortgage, 3.3 Leverage.

Interest rate as low as


Inquiry2277 6647 Product Development

E-mail: smp@phillip.com.hk

Terms and Conditions:

    1. Interest rate 2.88% p.a.(P-2.37% p.a.) applies to 12-month payments. The above Prime Rate is based on the "P" is based in Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) on 1 November 2019. The actual interest amount is calculated with the interest rate based on the Standard Chartered Bank P rate of the date that the Share Mortgage contract is made./li>
    2. Contract details, including interest rate and payment period, applies to all purchased or transfer-in stocks with 60% or above margin ratio. For further information, please read "Features"and"Details".


The Company reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions without prior notice and has final and irrevocable discretion in case of dispute.
Investment involves risks. Please refer to the Risk Disclosures Statement on our website at www.poems.com.hk.
You may contact our Customer Service Department at cs@phillip.com.hk or 2277 6555 to opt out of receiving marketing materials.
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