Bond is a debt instrument, the purpose of the issuance of bonds is to raise funds by borrowing from the public. Generally, there are terms for each bonds stating the maturity date which principals will be repaid and the coupon interest payment date.

Government Bond

The bonds issue by state or government in its currency. For example, The US department of the Treasury issues bond s to raise funds for the US government.

Semi-Government Bond

The bonds issue by public corporations, which level is lower than government bonds, but the credit ratings of these two bonds are normally the same. E.g.: The Hong Kong Airport Authority (HKAA), Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited (HKMTGC)

Corporate Bond

Mostly issue by private corporations. E.g.: Hutchison Whampoa Limited


Fixed Rate Bond

Interest rate of this bond is fixed, the rate will not change until maturity.

Zero coupon Bond

Holder of this kind of bonds do not entitle any interest, but usually the price of this kind of bond is discounted and the benefits of investing in this bond can be reflected by its bond price

Floating Rate Bond

This bond has a floating interest rate, which depends on the change in market interest rate. Normally the rate takes reference from market rates like HIBOR and LIBOR.

Features of bonds

Coupon rate

The interest rate that will be paid by the issuer per annum

Maturity date

The date when issuer repay the face value to bondholders, normally at 100%

Remaining Tenor

Remaining time to maturity


The rate of return of the bond

Credit rating

An indication reflecting the bond issuer's financial status and the bond's credit quality.

債券最新報價亦可參考香港金融管理局的輝立証券(香港)有限公司 債券報價網站


輝立証券(香港)有限公司已採取措施提供準確而可靠的資料,但並不保證資料絕對無誤,及不擬就有關由第三方提供的資料所出現的錯誤或違漏承擔任何責任。 以上所有資料只供參考用途。投資決定在於您本人。除非你完全明白及願意承擔債券的相關風險,否則你不應投資該產品。 債券表現受發行人的實際和預計借貸能力所影響。就償債責任而言,債券不保證發行人不會拖欠債務。在最壞情況下(如發行者不履行契約),債券持有人可能無法取回債券的利息和本金。


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